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Three Top Reasons Why You Need Responsive Website Design

shutterstock_110942165So you are trying to boost visitors to your website in order to help increase sales, but what exactly can you do? You’ve read every book you can on SEO and you are continually making inroads with reviewers and other helpful websites to promote backlinks, yet online growth has not yet reached the levels you want. What should you do now? Does your website have a responsive design? If not, it is a major element you need to utilize as it not only boosts viewership but makes your website more desirable to visitors.

Increase Mobile Visibility

Have you been on your mobile phone to visit a website, only to find you’re left pinching, dragging and swiping in order to see anything on the page? When this happens, the website is not properly created to fit a mobile screen. However, a responsive website design automatically adjusts to fit any screen size on any device, running any operating system and using any Internet browser. This way, the website displays perfectly. With the number of mobile searches increasing dramatically every single year, it is a service you need to take advantage of right away.

Improve SEO

That’s right, even though you may have gone through every single search engine optimization book at the local book store and used every single SEO service around you, if you don’t have a responsive website design, you are hindering your ability to climb up the online search ladder. Now, this can produce a few different boosts in your SEO results, but namely it is target at mobile searches. Mobile search results can prove a bit different than search results found on a desktop. In order to make sure only the best information in properly formatted displays appears at the top of search results while using a mobile device, search engines such as Google include mobile versions and responsive website design elements into the algorithm for mobile searches. While it might not make much, if any impact on a desktop or laptop search, it sure makes a major impact on a smart phone or tablet. So, to really get the most out of your website, you really need to take advantage of this website design feature.

Improve the Bounce

If you look at your website numbers and specific figures, you’ll find there is something known as a “bounce rate.” This is the number of people or leave your website, or “bounce” after viewing the first page. You want this to be a low number, because you want people to check out different pages on your website. If they leave after just seeing the first page it means they either didn’t like what they see, it took too long to load or they did not enjoy their experience. The responsive website design improves the display interaction with visitors, which means they are less likely to become frustrated with all the swipes, zooming and scrolling, and in turn that bounce rate is going to drop, meaning visitors inspect more pages.