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The Top 10 Don’ts of Digital Marketing

shutterstock_392500846Digital marketing has made it possible to tailor your business marketing approach to a very specific demographic. By utilizing the different tools available, you have the ability to expand your client rate with a smaller investment amount.  However, that doesn’t mean it is fool proof. You still need to have knowledge on the topic and understand what to avoid in order to prevent negative issues from coming out. That is exactly why you need to avoid performing these top 10 “don’ts” of digital marketing.

Avoiding Mobile Marketing

With over half of search engine searches perform over a mobile device, you handcuff yourself if you don’t go after mobile users. This includes not only marketing on mobile devices but also having a mobile friendly website.

Not Connecting

Social media is all about creating a personal relationship with your customers. You need to connect on this more personal basis. People want to shop with someone who cares about their needs, not an oversized corporation. Connect with your customers.

Difficult to Use Website

People want websites to be quick and easy. If they have to search through your site to find a single link or product, they will just back out and go to the competition.

Social Media Overboard

Now, social media is a good thing. It helps you stay connected to your key demographic while seeing what they like and dislike. However, it is possible to overexpose yourself. You may feel inclined to open up a dozen different accounts, which spreads your time thing. Understand your key demographic and your product first before deciding what social media accounts to utilize.

Lack of Visual marketing

You need visuals. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Quality pictures, infographics and video can sell products better than a block of text. Your digital marketing campaign needs to include visuals.

Too Much Information

This works hand in hand with the social media overboard topic. Far too many people continually post on their social media accounts, posting Facebook post after post. Eventually, unless the information is extremely informative and beneficial, followers will start to block you, which is counterproductive. Unless it’s breaking news, keep to one or two posts a day.


Track your analytics. Google Analytics is your friend and should be used to monitor where traffic is coming from. Not using this prevents you from capitalizing on potential leads.

Sticking With Your SEO

SEO is important, but you also need to change it. Search engine optimization changes continually, so if you are not updating your own SEO, you are hindering your search engine rankings.

Only Focusing on Traffic

Internet traffic is important. However, what is more important is conversions. Traffic doesn’t mean anything if you are not converting off of it.

Diving Without Looking

You need to know more about your company and your customers before diving into digital marketing. So, before you start investing time and resources, understand your key demographics and how they use your products before moving forward.