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The Limitations, Challenges & Difficulties of Spa Marketing

shutterstock_174063584Figuring out the perfect mix of message, tone and placement while designing your spa marketing is anything but a day on the massage table. Your potential customers are looking for a spa because they want something to relieve the stress of the day-to-day grind. While that’s good news for you, it can also be a concern – they’re likely to be searching for a spa right after a stressful event, or just before a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. That means that the importance of getting your SEO, content and marketing on point is crucial – if you wait for a learning curve, you might just miss out.

The Right Tone

Relax. Soothe. Pamper. Elegance. Words have the power to set the scene of an establishment. When the right words are combined with the right video marketing, they can convince a browser to become a client in a matter of minutes. However, as the “urge to splurge” can be fleeting on behalf of the customer, you’ll need to make your case and draw their attention more quickly than other digital service-based advertising when brainstorming on how to advertise your spa business. Compounding this challenge is the inability to use most visual and text-based ad techniques: bright colors, high volumes, a fast pace or demanding call-to-actions go against the tranquil effect you’re trying to convey.

The Right Placement

Your customer should be in the right mindset to enjoy the idea of pampering treatments, but your ad footprint shouldn’t find itself in the middle of chaos. How can you reach the right individuals without getting your brand “caught up” in the same busy schedule they’re trying to escape? Content marketing is a smart way to bring those same individuals to you – a pull approach to spa marketing (as opposed to pushing your message to them via “traditional” ad tactics) is easy to achieve if you use the right keywords, especially location-based key phrases that will send stressed-out searchers right through your front doors in search of relief.

The Right Message

Your staff and facility are likely built around a certain esthetic, and you likely have a very specific type of client you’d like to cater to. At the same time, you know that each client may not be your ideal client, but are nonetheless important – so your spa marketing message can’t make them feel excluded or forgotten. Blending your offering descriptions into one cohesive message can be the most challenging aspect of all when determining how to advertise a spa business. Just as you (ideally) wouldn’t run your front desk and perform all of your spa treatments personally, enlisting professionals that understand your spa business and how to market it well is the best stress relief of all.

If you’re ready to enjoy the same relaxation and pampering you provide to your valued clients, it’s time to let someone else do your heavy lifting for you, spa marketing-wise. Spa Marketing Gurus is here to help!