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The Limitations, Challenges & Difficulties of Spa Marketing

day-spa-photo-e1296759565854The spa industry continues to grow. People are becoming more aware of their overall well being, and they are also looking for a place to relax. Despite the rise in popularity of spas, spa owners still face challenges marketing their business.


A well known and defined brand is essential to your spa marketing strategy. A well designed website and an eye catching logo can definitely help your business. Having a spa menu on your website can help people get a feel for your brand. The problem is a bad review on Google or any other site can have a negative impact on your brand. In today’s society, it doesn’t matter if it is true or not. It will hurt your business regardless.

Keeping Costs Down

Creating that image and brand that is so essential to your spa business can be expensive. Website designers, photographers, public relations firms all take a big chunk from your bottom line. Things like an online presence and knowing which customers you would like to target, and creating customer loyalty can keep your marketing costs down.

Staying Relevant

It can be hard to stay relevant when a new trendy spa comes to town, but having the newest services may help you stay relevant. Customers are looking for the best, and they want the newest products and services as well. However, it takes more than that to stay relevant. Staying in the news can help you to stay relevant. Newspapers usually rank the best spas at least once a year. Hosting charitable events is another way to stay relevant. This will get your customers attention, and let them know what you have to offer. You may want to consider hiring a media relations expert. Make sure you promote your business and your services. New products or services you are offering are especially important to promote. This can bring new customers to your business.

Plan Ahead

You need to have a year long marketing plan instead of spur of the moment promotions. It’s easy to let planning fall by the wayside when you are spending time running your business. Holding promotions, hiring media consultants, and keeping track of email lists are all important aspects of spa marketing, but without a plan in place you are essentially taking shots in the dark. Take the time to make a long term marketing plan.

There are many challenges associated with spa marketing, but these tips can help you stay on track.