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Spa Marketing Strategies Are Vital to Your Spa Business

Your spa sells comfort, relaxation and beauty. You also sell atmosphere. But how do you do any of this if nobody knows you exist? Well placed spas in the area with an established client base doesn’t need to worry about this as much thanks to quality word of mouth and a longer tenure in the area. What happens if your spa is newer in the area and yet you need to compete with these more established facilities? You need to harness the power of spa marketing and reach out to your key demographic. By utilizing a few different spa marketing strategies, your business should see a boost in online traffic, ultimately resulting in a boost in foot traffic and reservations as well.

Localized PPC Ads

First, specially crafted advertisements for your spa is a must. These ads appear on search engines and similar websites whenever someone uses matching keywords to your particular advertisement. Different ads for different treatments and services you provide is very important as it brings in more interested parties instead of having just one, general advertisement. These ads are usually PPC, or Pay Per Click. This means your ads go on for free and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. This way, you know the people clicking on the ad are interested in the service.

The spa marketing ads are going to be localized to ensure visitors to your website actually live in your service area. To do this you first need to make sure your business address is listed on your website and the company has connected with Google. Additionally, when creating these ads, localized keywords helps make sure the advertisements only appear for a specialized region.

Marketing Discounts

One of the best ways to bring in new customers is to offer discounts online. This kind of spa marketing strategy is a must. The discounts can be highlighted in some of the PPC ads, which should instantly draw desirable attention. Additionally, the ads can be used on discount sale websites like Groupon or Living Social. People love knowing they are receiving a discount and millions of visitors check out these websites every year for money saving opportunities. When trying to break into the market or looking to increase sales and possible longterm clients, this form of marketing is key.

Video Marketing

Show off your beautiful spa. If people have never been inside, you need to let them know what they are missing out on and what they can look forward to. With video marketing, the professionally shot content highlights everything about the spa, identifies exceptional services and can demonstrate many of the perks of visiting your location. Chances are, there are a few different design features you are truly proud of, so why not share this with everyone else? Some of the best online marketing is done through pictures and video, so make sure to take advantage of this spa marketing aspect in order to boost traffic both to your website and facility.