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SEO, Social Media, and The Digital Marketing Agency

shutterstock_288131939As a spa owner, a marketer or just a decision maker in your company, you must understand the importance of having an effective marketing strategy for your business. Without this, you may be offering the best services in the industry that only a few people are aware of. There is a saying that old habits die hard and this is why you will still find businesses that still rely solely on traditional ways of marketing. They include methods like coupon advertising, direct mailing, print, radio, TV and outdoor advertising. While some of these tactics still work, they can never be compared to digital marketing in terms of effectiveness. Digital marketing is the act of promoting your brand through the digital media like the internet, mobile phone messaging, podcasts and other digital channels.
Why you need to embrace digital marketing, SEO and social media?
Digital marketing
Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to track your marketing campaigns in order to know if they are working or not. For instance, you will know if people are viewing your content, how often they do so and for how long and the number of sales conversions that result from those views.
By the word of mouth alone, businesses receive about 50% of their new customers mainly through personal recommendations. With digital marketing, the word of mouth does not work like before in that people go online to know more about the brand or business that they are being referred to before making any decisions. What will happen if they don’t find your business online?
With digital marketing, your audience is not limited and you have the entire world to listen to you. It is not about your enclosed brick and mortar location but being somewhere in space where everyone can reach you.
In order not to close down your business within the first few years, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Many spa owners and markets have realized that they need to have well designed and user- friendly websites, active social media accounts and good SEO practices in order to remain competitive in the digital marketing arena. They achieve this with the help of a good digital marketing agency for a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).
SEO or search engine optimization is very important when it comes to digital marketing. This is because in order to gain the much needed traffic, you need to be visible on the search result for surfers to find you. To achieve this, you need to adhere to good SEO practices like using quality content and using the right keywords among many others.
Social media
Billions of people are now using various social media platforms to share with friends, colleagues and family. This is where the ‘word of mouth’ can spread like bush fires within a very short time especially about things like spa services, salon and cosmetics.
It is clear that digital marketing is a very efficient marketing strategy that guarantees a good ROI.