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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed in 2016

shutterstock_271780769In online marketing, a number of aspects can be improved on by following a few tips. If you want to succeed in digital marketing in 2016, here are 5 marketing tips that will come in handy:

Bidding on your business name

If you bid on your own business name, you will get more space on search engines. This means more brand recognition for your products and services as well as a higher chance that potential customers will click on your site. According to one study, clicks increase by 31 percent when a branded advertisement appears on the same page as organic links.

In some cases, competitors usually bid on each other’s business name keywords. You could be missing leads if your competitors are showing up on your business name’s search results.

Answer the phone

You should answer your phone every time it rings. If, for some reason, you cannot answer the phone immediately, make sure that you follow up in time. More than half of consumers choose to do business with companies that call them back first.

Therefore, when you fail to answer the phone or follow up in a timely fashion, you could be losing business opportunities.

Use in-app ads

Did you know that most people spend up to three hours a day on their mobile devices? They spend most of this time on their favorite apps. This means that you can reach out to potential customers by using in-app ads to avoid losing business opportunities.

These ads make use of geo-fencing technology to display advertisements that target consumers within a certain radius. After seeing an ad, the consumers can reach out to you if they want to know more.

Boost advertising results using SEO

If you do not have an SEO strategy in place, you need to invest in one soon. SEO makes your business visible on local search engine results. Moreover, SEO works hand in hand with other online advertising methods.

When you combine advertising with SEO, you will get twice as many visitors on your website. This means more business for your budding company.

Work on your online reputation

Nowadays, online reputation has a lot of significance. In fact, according to answers given by ninety percent of consumers in a survey, positive online reviews play a major role in helping them make purchase decisions. Therefore, if you want to improve your online reputation, you should consider monitoring review sites regularly and doing follow-up surveys.

In addition, responding to reviews is very important. If you receive a negative review, you should not get into an argument with the reviewer. Instead, you should stay calm and work to improve your image.

Aside from the above digital marketing tips, you should also produce high quality content and add videos to your site. High quality content means that you should give the consumer useful information. You also need to personalize your content – the consumer needs to relate with your content.